What Does Sustainability Truly Mean?

1/23/20242 min read

Speaking to Atrayee was a huge hit of nostalgia. We started off by digging into our sustainability chronicles from 2019 and then transitioned to Atrayee's inspiring journey into sustainability. We spoke about 3 projects that she and I had worked on in the past, culminating in her remarkable experience working on a Bill Gates project.

We touched upon the caste based occupations in India, how there is a certain ‘social dimension’ of sustainability, that sometimes gets lost in a country like India. Atrayee went on to explain how businesses - big and small, should be aligning sustainability goals with financial objectives, emphasizing the symbiotic relationship between profit and purpose. This is the crux of her role at Crisil, and previously at Archipel&Co.

What really stood out to me was when we delved into the nuances of animal agriculture, and the role it plays in a country like India and what we as a society can do to improve our dietary choices.

Closing with a spotlight on CRISIL Foundation, Atrayee and I have tried to leave audiences with a comprehensive understanding of the intricate interplay between personal experiences, business strategies, and global sustainability efforts. This video is a must-watch for those seeking holistic insights into the multifaceted world of sustainability!

Sustainability EXPLAINED: Meaning, Corporate Sustainability, Goals & Objectives. Episode -1

What is the true meaning of sustainability? 🤔, what objectives does it encompass? 🎯, how does it impact a company's financial performance? 📉, how are businesses worldwide adopting sustainable practices?

▶️ Why does the problem of Open Defecation still exist?
▶️ How does Animal Agriculture impact the environment?
▶️ Do Caste-Based occupations still exist in India?

Atrayee Das Chaudhary working at CRISIL as a Senior Sustainability Consultant will be answering all these questions and sharing her insightful experiences working at the grass root level in the field of Sustainability.

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