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The bloody truth | Sephra Abraham | TEDxHECParis

"Using passion, comedy, and startling realities, Sephra Abraham persuades us all to rethink the taboo of menstruation and shares the bloody truth about how unsustainable today’s menstrual products really are."

Sephra Abraham
Founder, Sephra's Green and Greener Show

HEC United in diversity - Rencontre avec Sephra Abraham

"Meeting with Sephra Abraham (HEC MSc. Sustainability and Social Innovation 2020), CEO & Founder at Greend - Revolutionising Access to Veganism, in Mumbai."


The show has been a game-changer for me. I've learned so much about sustainability and how to make a difference in my own life.

Yash Joshi
Founder, Walnut

I love listening to Sephra's Green and Greener Show. The guests are always interesting and the topics are so important in today's world.

Aditya Gupta
Chief Content Officer

This podcast has opened my eyes to the possibilities of sustainable living. It's inspiring to hear from people who are making a real impact.

Ethan Abraham