How to Raise a Child Sustainably?

Nirupama Rao is an experienced child psychologist and parenting consultant. She has adopted the Waldorf system of schooling for her child. She has worked with numerous children in her career spanning almost 30 years.


1/16/20241 min read

Right from defining sustainability eloquently, to explaining in just a few words what sustainability to children means, Nirupama has blown my mind! We spoke about the Waldorf form of education, how children benefit from staying away from electronics and adopting a gluten-free, casein-free diet. The beauty of this conversation is that along with children, parents are also targeted equally. If parents are kept away from counseling or knowledge sharing sessions, how will they be able to impart the same education to their children at home - when they are away from the teachers?

Nirupama has counseled children with issues such as ADHD, autism and many more. She comes with a wealth of knowledge and this conversation was one of the most educational ones even for me! Give it a listen and leave your thoughts.

How to Raise a Child the Sustainable way in 2023? | SGGS Podcast Episode 9

Listen to her as she voices her expert opinion on children's behaviors and how closely they can be related to their gut health. She also explains how parents of children with special needs and issues might need equal or more counseling in some cases.